Trajectory Optimisation in Learned Multimodal Dynamical Systems

This work presents a two-stage method to perform trajectory optimisation in multimodal dynamical systems with unknown nonlinear stochastic transition dynamics. The method finds trajectories that remain in a preferred dynamics mode where possible and in regions of the transition dynamics model that have been observed and can be predicted confidently. The first stage leverages a mixture of Gaussian process experts method (mogpe) written in GPflow/TensorFlow to learn a predictive dynamics model from historical data.

Identifiable Mixtures of Sparse Variational Gaussian Process Experts

This work introduces a variational lower bound for the Mixture of Gaussian Process Experts model with a GP-based gating network based on sparse GPs. The model (and inference) are implemented in GPflow/TensorFlow.

Approximate Inference

This work implements and compares a variety of approximate inference techniques for the tasks of image de-noising (restoration) and image segmentation.