Trajectory Optimisation in Learned Multimodal Dynamical Systems via Latent-ODE Collocation

In this talk I will present our ICRA 2021 paper "Trajectory Optimisation in Learned Multimodal Dynamical Systems via Latent-ODE Collocation".

Trajectory Optimisation in Learned Multimodal Dynamical Systems via Latent-ODE Collocation

Synergising Bayesian inference and Riemannian geometry for control in multimodal dynamical systems.

Synergising Bayesian Inference and Probabilistic Geometries for Robotic Control

This talk presented recent work synergising Bayesian inference and probabilistic Riemannian geometries to control multimodal dynamical systems (quadcopters). The work combines theory from probabilistic Riemannian geometry, that addressed issues of …

Trajectory Optimisation in Learned Multimodal Dynamical Systems

This work presents a two-stage method to perform trajectory optimisation in multimodal dynamical systems with unknown nonlinear stochastic transition dynamics. The method finds trajectories that remain in a preferred dynamics mode where possible and in regions of the transition dynamics model that have been observed and can be predicted confidently. The first stage leverages a mixture of Gaussian process experts method (mogpe) written in GPflow/TensorFlow to learn a predictive dynamics model from historical data.

Identifiable Mixtures of Sparse Variational Gaussian Process Experts

This work introduces a variational lower bound for the Mixture of Gaussian Process Experts model with a GP-based gating network based on sparse GPs. The model (and inference) are implemented in GPflow/TensorFlow.

Gaussian Process Regression

This post introduces the theory underpinning Gaussian process regression and provides a basic walk-through in python.

Approximate Inference

This work implements and compares a variety of approximate inference techniques for the tasks of image de-noising (restoration) and image segmentation.

Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Gaussian Processes

In this work I re-implemented the PILCO algorithm in python using Tensorflow and GPflow. This work was mainly carried out for personal development and some of the implementation is based on this [Python implementation]( This repository will mainly serve as a baseline for my future research.

Probabilistic Modelling

I am in the process of creating Jupyter notebooks for several probabilistic models (Bayesian linear regression, Gaussian process regression) and approximate inference algorithms. Particular focus has been put on providing detailed theory as well as easy to follow code.

Amazon Picking Challenge

As part of the FARSCOPE CDT program I worked in a team to develop a solution to Amazon’s picking challenge. This involved designing a robotic pick-and-place system that was capable of recognising and grasping both known and novel objects in cluttered environments.