Uncertain Agentspeak

During the first (taught) year of the FARSCOPE CDT program I conducted my masters thesis under the supervision of Professor Weiru Liu and Dr Kevin McAreavey titled “Extending BDI Agents to Model and Reason with Uncertainty”. I implemented and extended the AgentSpeak(L) (agent-based programing) language to enable agents to model and reason with uncertainty in a computationally efficient manner.

Amazon Picking Challenge

As part of the FARSCOPE CDT program I worked in a team to develop a solution to Amazon’s picking challenge. This involved designing a robotic pick-and-place system that was capable of recognising and grasping both known and novel objects in cluttered environments.

Kidnapped Robot

This project involved developing algorithms capable of localising a robot within a known environment but at an unknown position and moving it to a target location. This was achieved in simulation using the BotSim library in Matlab and then implemented onto a real robot.

UAV Swarm

This project involved developing distributed software enabling a swarm of fixed wing UAVs to track a pollutant cloud. A discrete time state space model of the world was produced and a finite state machine was used to add intelligence.