Welcome to Emacs Anonymous, Sorry, My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am an aspiring researcher (aka phd student) with interests at the intersection of robotics and machine learning. I am particularly interested in uncertainty quantification in ML and as a result spend a significant amount of time with Bayesian non-parametric methods, specifically Gaussian processes.

I spend some of my time staring at equations and questioning what I am doing with my life. And I also do a little bit of programming in python within my beautiful text editor.

Mainly though, I spend my time configuring my AMAZING text editor to make the little time I spend working more enjoyable. I am all about that work-life balance.

This blog is inevitably going to contain a mixture of Emacs/Spacemacs posts and some more involved mathematical ML posts. There will probably be some where I just dump the contents of my mind and others where I actually plan what I am going to write.

Disclaimer 1: I am an Emacs noob at the start of my journey to enlightenment.

Disclaimer 2: I’m rocking multiple Spacemacs configs and one vanilla Emacs config, so most of my posts will probably be tailored to Spacemacs.

This blog is written in Emacs Org mode (thanks to ox-hugo).

Aidan Scannell
Aidan Scannell
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include model-based reinforcement learning, probabilistic machine learning (gaussian processes, Bayesian neural networks, approximate Bayesian inference, etc), learning-based control and optimal control.

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